laser machine models

laser cutting models,
second you have to chose correct laser source type to cut metal or nonmetallic meterial.
with Co2 laser source you can cut nonmetallic metarial its mean that A CO2 laser is a gas laser,
which means it uses Carbon Dioxide, CO2,
CO2 lasers emit a wavelength of 10.64 microns, which produces an intense infrared light.CO2 lasers are easily absorbed by organic materials,
for example leather, plastics, wood, glass, fabrics and acrylics.
co2 laser has 2 type of laser source one is glass laser source (tube) . And it was drive with DC high voltage and they can cut same material but
they emit leser with low energy according to RF laser source (metal). Glass laser source cost is low and life time is shorter then RF metal laser source


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