Laser cutting machine price

Laser cutting machine price
there are lots of model for laser cutting machine
just you need to determine which model is correct for your request
first machine size is important for laser machine. Because there is standardization of all meterial which you cut it
you have to chose a correct size. Otherwise you lose material.

laser cutting machines price with co2 300 watt Rf laser source

NRGL 150×220 cm  300 watt 120.000 Euro

NRGL 200×300 cm 300 watt 140.000 Euro


laser cutting machine price with co2 100 Watt with glass laser source

120×80 cm glass laser source 100 watt 6.000 Usd

160×120 cm glass laser source 100 watt 8.000 usd with doble laser source 10.000 usd

150×300 cm glass laser source 300 watt 28.000 usd